Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Advertising: Art or Science?

    Advertisement is a paid form of Persuasive communication. It is a non-personal communication that explains and promotes the benefits and the values of the offerings to the potential customers by influencing them through the features, benefits, and attributes of the product or service. It influences the intention, motivation, purchase, and decision-making of the customers by changing the attitude of customers towards the offerings.
    Advertising builds the brand image, creates awareness of the brand, persuades a large audience to purchase, and reminds the potential customers about their needs.

    Now, the question is whether an advertising is an art or science?’

    It is both an art and science as it contains elements of both creativity and logic.
    Advertisement is persuasion. Like any artist, poet, or painter pretense to persuade people to believe or to do something, the advertisement does the same. Persuasion is an art itself. The ads not just tell us the benefits of the offerings but also reveals the emotional experience that potential customers may derive out of consuming the product thereby making an emotional connection. In the Book Republic, Plato says art imitates the objects of ordinary life: A work of art is a copy of a copy of a copy of the form”. Likewise, ads are influenced by ordinary life as they need to connect to the common audience.
    On the other side, advertisement is also science as it involves analytics and its evolving capability of tracking to help to target the audience and understand consumer behavior. The aspect of how frequently to display an ad is also guided by the rules of science. Moreover, neuroeconomics connects neuroscience with marketing.
    Hence, advertising is both art and science.

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