Thursday, May 19, 2022

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    AI marketing tools

    AI marketing tools are changing the game in digital marketing, which goes without saying, but we’ll say it again for those in the back.

    The increasing rivalry for customers’ attention in an age of too many options necessitates every advantage to optimize for reach, engagement, and conversion. 

    Marketers all around the world are attempting to improve their marketing operations and efficacy by exploiting the quantity of data at their disposal, and many are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and platforms.

    Have you ever considered how helpful these tools are as a marketer?

    We’re guessing that the vast majority haven’t.

    What about from the standpoint of a customer? AI, believe it or not, is already at work in your life in a variety of ways.

    Because it was at the top of your suggestions list, you started (and binge-watched) a new Netflix show.

    The time you saved by not being stuck in traffic because Google Maps redirected you.

    The delights arrive in Prime boxes at your front door because Amazon knows exactly what you need and when you need them.

    All of this is possible because of artificial intelligence (AI) devices that have made our lives so much easier and more efficient.

    Marketers will be at the vanguard of adapting to these changes as they go forward in creating the future of the advertising business as a whole, with the artificial intelligence platform market expected to be worth billions by 2022.

    According to Forbes, 1.82 billion people will use a chat app in 2019, and customers will manage 85 percent of their relationship with a company without engaging with a human by 2020. 

    Hence, even if we don’t realize it, tech companies are already using data analytics-based machine learning and predictive AI to power their platforms and most of the technologies we use today. Google, Facebook, and almost every other platform we use to interact with customers are already preparing for a big uptick in marketing AI tool integration. It will be a personal decision to enter a new era powered by AI.

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