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    All about Chanel!

    Let’s know about one of the most recognized luxury brands in the world, Chanel that continues to be an international byword for luxury. 

    Chanel was founded by Coco Chanel in 1920, which is a French luxury brand. It is one of the most sold and expensive brands in the fashion industry. It has a total of 310 locations in the world. Channel employees 20000 people. 

    Chanel is well known for its perfumes and Chanel suit. Chanel uses jersey fabric which produces garments that are so comfortable and affordable. This is a brand that not only focuses on high fashion structures but also on everyday fashion requirements.

    The fabric, the design, and the finish produced by Chanel are quite impressive and elegant. The logo of Chanel is represented by two interlocked letters “C” which stands for Coco Chanel.

    Chanel’s classic handbag is quilted leather with adjustable double chains to wear on the arm or at the shoulder.

    Chanel’s hi-jewelry use was founded in November 1932. The Chanel wristwatch division was established in 1987.

    Chanel’s products are made with the highest quality materials and by the best craftsmen in the industry based in Europe. Most Chanel leather goods are made with lambskin or caviar leather which are both considered top-quality leathers. It is more expensive than Gucci and is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world.

    Chanel has a high reputation and has been in business longer than the other luxury brands. They have built trust with the market and the expensive prices have made them super exclusive, which is what a lot of people want in a designer product.

    Chanel skincare products are good for the skin and many people prefer Chanel over Dior. 

    Some of the best-selling products of Chanel are:

    • No. 5 Eau de parfum
    • Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze 
    • Le Vernis in Rough Noir
    • Rouge Allure in Pirate

    Chanel is most famous for its “Little black dress” and the Chanel No.5 perfume and the Chanel suit.

    In the conclusion, Chanel is quite expensive but worth the price because of its high quality and irreplaceable designs, which attracts every woman. This artistry of Coco Chanel is very much praised.

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