Thursday, May 19, 2022

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    All about “Zero Cost Marketing”

    Advertising is necessary for promoting a business but often proves ineffective in the initial stages. Paid advertisements at the initial stages may not work at all.

    The most effective way to promote a new business is Zero-Cost Marketing. It is a marketing strategy used by budding businesses to build a market without having to pay anything for advertising. For example, social media is often regarded as one of the preferred zero-cost marketing techniques. It costs nothing to promote on the channels.

    Here are three ways by which you can implement zero cost marketing strategy for a business:
    Social Media: 1-2% of online purchases are via social media platforms. However, Social Media is not a very effective sales tool unless the product is promoted.

    Guest Blogging: This method is effective but challenging. It involves promoting your knowledge to the audience which can help you make new connections and increase the reach of your business.

    Search Engine Optimisation: If you have decided to implement zero-cost marketing, the SEO method should be your priority because it’s the most effective way to optimize your business. It involves the use of certain phrases and hashtags on blog pages that the customers most likely relate to. This helps attract a significant market to the business blog.

    E-Commerce is pacing at a greater rate in the post-pandemic world than it has ever before. More and more startups are being launched due to newly discovered ways of digital marketing and advertising.

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