Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Apple’s social media strategy is completely different yet makes sense!

    Even if you own every Apple’s device, there’s a chance you’ve never interacted with the tech giant on any social media platform. Why?

    Apple has accounts on Facebook and Twitter but it never posts anything to sell its product. On Instagram, it only posts pictures clicked by iPhone. Apple’s Instagram shows us that it keeps its customers at the center, not Apple. Each post and story are a piece of user-generated content. You won’t find a single piece of content Apple created themselves.
    Apple avoids social media presence. Their strategy has three pillars: control, promotion, and value.
    Apple is a most controlling company and when it comes to brand management it would not tolerate negative reviews that would come with these social media posts.
    For promoting, it buys ad spaces as it allows apple to control everything from its visibility to who can comment on it.
    Apple derives values from social media by engaging with its customers and hence, building and promoting its ecosystem.
    It’s extremely simple but a major takeaway from Apple’s presence that less is more. Publish less from your official account, and people will view your content as exclusive and mysterious.

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