Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Bone Death: The newest post-COVID complication?

    Bone Death, also known as Avascular necrosis, is the current post COVID complication after Black Fungus. As the name suggests, this disease causes the death of the bone tissue, due to the lack of blood supply to the bones. As a result, tiny cracks form in the bone leading to an eventual collapse of the tissue. It can is primarily caused due to the long-term usage of steroids and high alcohol intake. Affected areas are mainly the hips, shoulders, knees, and feet.

    Though the early stages of the Bone death disease hardly have significant symptoms:

    It eventually leads to perpetual pain if force is applied to the affected areas. The condition can grow serious if the bone doesn’t function properly and leads to the destruction of joints. According to the Times Of India, so far three confirmed cases of this health issue have been found. All the patients were diagnosed with bone death after recording severe pain in their femurs. While these are only a few cases found, doctors are now worried that it may be the newest post-COVID implication to watch out for. A research paper published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has highlighted avascular necrosis to be a symptom of long COVID. As Bone Death is medically tied to the consumption of steroids, doctors are now wondering if COVID treatment is leading to excessive steroidal treatment for the patients. Further evaluations and studies are still needed to confirm the same and the cause of the condition in COVID patents is still debatable.

    Yet, with the second wave slowing down, doctors still worry about the coming weeks considering the third wave and whether more fatal post-COVID complications, like Bone Death, might emerge.

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