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    Built like a Gun – Goes like a Bullet

    Imagine a motorcycle with an old-worm charm with a retro-styled look.
    Well, your imagination has turned into reality. Royal Enfield in every sense fulfills all your dreams regarding a retro-styled motorcycle.
    Royal Enfield motorcycle is one of the most popular brands in the market with its headquarters based in Chennai, India. Royal Enfield Bullet was chosen as the most suitable bike for the army to patrol the country’s border after the Indian Independence Act 1947.
    It has a tag of “the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production”. Royal Enfield is a heritage British motorcycle brand that has survived over decades. It is the only British motorcycle brand to be fully manufactured in India. The bikes are being manufactured in India since 1955.

    Some of the features for worldwide publicity of Royal Enfield bullet are:

    Vintage body design
    Build quality
    Ride quality
    Good resale value
    X factor
    Good street presence
    Royal Enfield brand is the oldest two-wheeler brand in the world, even older than many other popular brands. The brand now is gaining a cult following due to its aesthetic features. The quality of the motorcycles is extremely good.
    Most popular Royal Enfield Bikes in India:
    Thunderbird 350X
    Interceptor 650
    Classic 500
    Continental GT 650
    Bullet 500
    Thunderbird 350
    Thunderbird 500X
    While everything has its pros and cons, this retro bike has its cons too. A classic Royal Enfield motorcycle weighs 192kg on average. Due to its heavyweight and huge structure, many think twice before purchasing it. It doesn’t have a fuel gauge. One wouldn’t know when the bike runs out of fuel. It also has refinement issues in terms of engine noise and harsh vibrators.
    As one of the earliest motorcycles in India, it is considered a symbol of pride. Riding an Enfield itself doubles one’s respect.

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