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    Career Planning

    Career planning refers to the strategy one uses to meet their career goals. It is the path one plans to achieve their goals. The process of career planning includes a lot of important aspects. The process includes various activities, including steps for self-improvement and the process of meeting these goals.

    It is the process of planning, establishing, and deciding. One must plan career choices, establish career objectives and decide on educational programs. Different career options must be explored in detail before one could find an appropriate career option.

    Features of career planning are:

    • Opportunity analysis creating a strategy
    • Implementation of the action plan
    • Goal setting
    • Self-analysis

    Why must one even think about career planning? 

    It can help you choose a career, can ensure job safety, ensure financial stability and help you attain peace of mind. One of the benefits of career planning is that it allows you to choose wisely. 

    For example, if you want to pursue music as a career but you see others going for MBA, you shouldn’t choose to pursue it. 

    When you plan your career well, it helps you to mitigate the financial risks and uncertainties to the extent possible. You must also look into future scenarios and uncertainties. 

    In the conclusion, one must do career planning. It doesn’t mean you must do something which everyone does for a living. You must choose a field which you think you will be able to do. It must be your choice of occupation.

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