Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Courage is Beautiful

    Dove’s new “Courage is Beautiful” campaign shines the spotlight on Health care workers. With the onset of the pandemic, many brands and organizations are shifting their gears to fight the battle against the coronavirus. From reorienting production in their factories towards much-needed hand sanitizers to making large donations, a lot of companies are doing whatever they can to help the nation.
    Following this, Dove is positioning itself differently and going right to the hearts with a message of gratitude for health care workers tirelessly working on the front lines to help treat COVID-19 patients with this campaign. The ad is beautiful in its simplicity, flashing the faces of nurses and doctors with their faces marked by the protective gear they must wear every day. The ads, which ran initially in Canada, are now rolling out in the U.S. The brand is also donating to Direct Relief as part of the effort.

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