Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Data Analysts vs Data Scientists vs Data Specialists

    Do you think that Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Data Specialists are all same?

    Although they may seem similar however there exists a difference among them.
    Spot the difference here!
    Data Analysts use existing tools and methods to solve problems with existing types of data. They analyze the collected data to help stakeholders make better decisions. They deal with database queries, data visualization, dashboards, reports, and spreadsheets. They typically work as part of an interdisciplinary team to determine the organization’s goals and then manage the process of mining, cleaning, and analyzing the data.

    Data Scientists invent new tools and models, ask open-ended questions, and collect new types of data. They analyze and interpret complex data to make business predictions. They deal with advanced statistics, machine learning, deep learning, data optimization, and programming.

    Data Specialists use in-depth knowledge of databases as a tool to solve problems and manage data. They organize a large volume of data for use in data analytics or business operations. They deal with data manipulation, information security, data models, scalability of data, and disaster recovery.

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