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    Everything you need to know about Procrastination

    Doesn’t it seem like you would have heard about it? 

    I am sure you did.

    Procrastination is the practice of deferring or postponing duties until the last possible moment or after the deadline has passed. According to some experts, Procrastination is a “kind of self-regulation failure typified by the unreasonable delaying of tasks despite potentially harmful repercussions.”

    You’ve probably found yourself wasting hours on petty activities (watching TV, updating your Facebook status, shopping online when you should have been spending that time on the job or school-related initiatives, no matter how well-organized and motivated you are.

    Procrastination is not always a symptom of a major problem. It’s a common propensity that almost everyone succumbs to at some point.

    Remember when you believed you had a week to complete a job that was actually due the next day? 

    What about the time you decided you didn’t feel like cleaning your flat because you “didn’t feel like it just now?”

    We often make the mistake of assuming that projects would take less time to complete than they actually do, which can lead to a false sense of security.

    The belief that we must be inspired or motivated to work on a task at a specific time is one of the most significant elements contributing to procrastination.

    To sum up, Procrastination is the practice of putting off a difficult activity by focusing on less important, more fun, and simpler tasks instead. It is different from laziness, which is defined as a refusal to act.

    Recognize that you’re procrastinating as the first step toward overcoming it. Then, figure out why you’re acting that way and utilize effective techniques to control and conquer it.

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