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    Factors influencing Consumer Behaviour!

    Consumer behavior is the study of various organization groups and a segment of society who consume any product, fulfill their need and wants. When we deep dive into consumer behavior we see that there are numerous factors that influence it.

    The factors that influence are the cultural factors social factors and personal factors. Cultural factors include three varients culture subcultures,& social classes. Culture is any practice that has been carried on overages. Subculture is a culture within a culture, for example, India and its states. social classes are one of the cultural factors which are based on local livelihood. Social factors include reference groups’ roles and status and family.  Reference Groups or Membership groups are the strata of people who create a direct influence on the attitude or behavior. It has two more diversifications “primary group and “secondary group”.  

    The primary group includes humans who come into your close circles like your family friends neighbors co-workers whereas the second group includes humans or society such as religious professionals and other formal people.   The next few groups that are inculcated under reference groups are the aspirational groups where any person desires to join a specific class of people dissociative groups where a person usually wants to reject the behavior or value shown by them.

    When a person performs any activity in a form it is known as roll and each roll then turns into a status later. Roles and status are important sources of information in the field of consumer behavior. The next important factor that influences consumer behavior is “Personal Factors”.  the personal factors influence the buyer’s decisions on the basis of his occupation economic circumstances choices and values. The lifestyle or the regular pattern decides the approach towards a brand and the likingness for the same.

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