Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Green HRM

    Have you ever heard of Green HRM? 

    Green HRM (Human resources management) is a subpart of HR that focuses on increasing sustainability and preserve the natural environment. The HRM policies are used to stimulate and support the proper and sustainable use of resources. 

    It promotes the usage of fair and ethical practices. As a result, the employees will show increased productivity and are more likely to become loyal to the organization. Green Hr attracts a wide range of high-quality employees as a green business is regarded as more prominent. 

    This is a new and popular concept gaining lots of support. It has got different meanings to different people. 

    Green HRM refers to making efforts to increase sustainability and improve energy efficiency. It also gives a glance at the reduction of pollution produced at our home and work. 

    The main goal of going green is to reduce the negative impact of pollution and energy consumption. 

    Benefits of Green HRM are:

    • Stronger public image 
    • Improved employee morale
    • Increased workforce productivity
    • Brand recognition
    • Motivation
    • Employee loyalty
    • Increased customer confidence

    It is an effective process since the people understand the need for sustainability. It decreases the company’s total costs as it becomes more effective.

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