Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Home-Office: The New Normal

    The new normal isn’t necessarily a business world without working in an office; it’s just a world where we focus on work rather than office space.”

    -Bhavin Turakhia

    WFH- Work from Home has become the new normal after the pandemic:

    All of us who always wanted to stay home and work are now complaining. Well, we have all dreamt of attending a meeting without having to wear formals. The pandemic has turned that into our reality. 

    The lockdowns are new normal easing out with which many of us have to go back to our old working places. 76% of office workers in a Global Workplace Analytics study want weekly work-from-home days even after the pandemic is over and 16% of workers in the same study say that they never want to return to the office ever again.

    Many companies like Facebook, Twitter, Dell, and Google have told their workforce to continue working remotely. The sleep pods, cafés, and wellness centers designed to keep employees at work as long as possible may be a thing of the past.

    The pandemic has opened the eyes of many businesses to new ways of working. Businesses are being advised to continue to work from home. However, looking longer-term, there are compelling reasons to support why the office might be here to stay.

    For many, the office is vital. Organizations have tried to maintain the social aspect of work via virtual means, from online book clubs to virtual team drinks, but this can’t replace the deep connections that are built face-to-face. These workplace relationships are important. Hence, the hybrid model of working is definitely a solution. This may serve the needs and wants of both the office and its employees.

    While work from home new normal has its pros and cons, it is advised to stay home for the time being. If the situation gets any better, office mode could be a nice way for people to interact.  

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