Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    How artificial exoskeletons can help the handicapped?

    You might have heard the term “exoskeleton” in association with insects. Did you know that parental care was first exhibited among insects?

    Well, we have an exquisite example of parental care as well as a profound intellect in engineering.

    An engineer in France built an exoskeleton for his sixteen-year-old son who happened to be wheelchair-bound. Oscar Constanza, son of the engineer Jean-Louis Constanza, has a genetic neurological condition that makes it impossible to walk without assistance.

    Jean Louis further built a robotic suit that acts like an exoskeleton that supported the boy’s chest, shoulders, waist, knees, and feet, further helping him walk. The device is activated with the command “Robot, stand up!”.

    Jean Louis also happens to be a co-founder of the company “Wandercraft” which focuses on designing robotic devices.

    “Wandercraft” has distributed exoskeletons to hospitals in France, Luxembourg, and the US.
    However, the frame is too heavy to be sold for private use and costs a whopping sum of $176,000 and many people on Twitter are still questioning its efficiency and flexibility.

    For the same reason, it is yet to be made available in the commercial market but we hope that a relatively cheaper and improved version comes out soon to potentially help the 650 million wheelchair users globally.

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