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    How to write cold emails?

    Cold emails is a way to start business communication, develop, and maintain relationships. Writing a cold email is an art that depends largely upon who are you writing to and for what reason you are writing. Although the open rate of emails is very low still is an effective way to communicate with people.

    Here we have listed some of the essential tips for writing cold emails:

    • Do not use boring and irrelevant subject lines like “urgent”,“ job needed” as people get hundreds of emails like these and they do not get opened. Use subject lines like “Looking for work or mentorship opportunities” Or you can write more interesting lines which related to the receiver and makes them open the mail immediately.

    • Do not use Sir/ Ma’am, address the person by their name and be polite in doing so. You can use Dear [Name].

    • Make use of genuine appreciation for them and their work and not fake flattery when greeting the receiver.

    • Be precise, direct, and to the point, as nobody has time to read big paragraphs.

    • And lastly, research heavily about the person who you are writing to (about the jobs, their company, culture, etc), as a well-researched email attracts the reader, tells them you are serious and done your homework, and these kind of emails are worth reading.

    • Always leave them with a question asked politely about what you want from them.

    • Follow up only once, beyond that it is not worth following.

    On how to write cold emails, watch the video: https://youtu.be/3GC6MEr3wR0

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