Thursday, May 19, 2022

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    Human Augmentation

    Have you heard about an area of research that uses medicine and technology to improve human abilities? That is exactly what you will find here.

    Human augmentation, also known as human enhancement, aims to increase the human body’s cognitive and physical abilities. The goal of human enhancement is to better the human condition.

    This has traditionally been accomplished by eating chemical compounds that enhance a certain skill or by implanting medical devices. Human enhancements are changes to human characteristics such as mental and physical characteristics, as well as behavioral inclinations.

    Examples of human augmentation technology are:

    •  Eyeglasses
    • Chip implants
    •  Wearable devices
    •  Prosthetics
    •  Pacemakers

     Physical and digital mediated actions can be combined to extend human reach the essence of human augmentation is adding or expanding functions to the human body. 

    Categories that come under human augmentation are:

    • Replacing Limbs or body parts
    • Usage of exoskeletons
    • Enhancement of eye power
    • Providing better senses

    Human 2.0 is a technology that focuses on improving physical and mental health as an intrinsic component of the human body. Human augmentation has progressed to the point that people can perform tasks that are beyond their natural ability. Flying, for example, is considered to be beyond human capability. The topic of governance is one of the most important ethical concerns concerning human augmentation.

    Human augmentation has the ability to improve our health, entertainment, productivity, and general quality of life if applied correctly.

    While everything has advantages and disadvantages, the most significant concern is one of ethics, since a person may utilize technology to achieve severe illegal goals, as well as an over-dependence on machines.


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