Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Human Vs Computer

    Humans find great comfort in working with computers and machines. Extending our knowledge is a great deal but as long as we are on the winning side. But are we still in control of our knowledge or did the machines take control over us? 

    Computers and machines can take in and process certain kinds of information much faster than a human being. For example, In the game of chess, a best-trained computer can strategize many moves ahead of the best chess player, learn much more quickly, too, narrowing complex choices to the most optimal ones.

    Some of the advantages of computer are:

    • Connects you to the Internet
    • Help you learn and keep you informed
    • Helps sort, organize, and search through information
    • Increase your productivity
    • Saves time
    • Entertainment

    Some of the disadvantages of computer are:

    • Potential of loss of privacy
    • Increases waste and impacts the environment
    • Carpal tunnel and eye strain
    • Crime and Terrorism
    • Increased risk of job cuts

    This isn’t a win or lose. We’re going to wind up as a partner to our smarter machines, and that partnership will be fostered by our augmentation through technology. Machines will play an essential role in this augmentation and, as with any successful technology, they will fall below our level of perception. In the end, the revolution will be silent and invisible.

    Hence, human beings must use computers and machines moderately as even though there are many benefits, overuse can cause serious problems both mentally and physically. 

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