Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Hybrid is here to stay!

    More than a year after the global pandemic, physical meetings and interactions are slowly resuming to workplaces in different parts of the world. However, the hybrid model is here to stay. Now is a good time for the executives to plan about the hybrid culture, new ways to manage, strategize, and achieve organizational goals.

    There are some imperatives that leaders need to observe to be effective in the hybrid world of work:

    The virtual world doesn’t treat roles and tasks equally. Hybrid settings bring leaders new tension to manage the different levels of the organization. Soft skills, presentations, communication skills are some of the traits that make team dynamics on an online platform thrive.
    Another relevant tension is access to technology. The quality of the video, screen size, web connections, etc matter greatly for virtual impressions.
    As communication has changed, slack time is vital for innovation and renewal. Another tension that arises is that employees may feel left alone, but employees also feel they are never alone as their calendars are always full of meetings, largely because follow-ups that used to happen informally now must be scheduled formally. To address this, leaders will need to be much more disciplined about their calendars and those of their teams. Successfully dealing with people management nuances like these will differentiate good and successful leaders from those who are less successful going forward.
    The hybrid model promises to be a key tool for future organizational flexibility and crisis response. Key learning from the crisis was how quickly organizations can change and how well organizations withstand change, this pandemic has shown that there are no limits.

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