Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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    How to Make “Smarter” Marketing with Dynamic Content?

    Contextual marketing and smart content marketing have become well-known thanks to e-commerce. B2B digital marketing agencies all across the world have jumped on board.  It's...

    Investment from Savings: Good or Bad?

    It’s a common saying that “few drops together can make an ocean”. Consumption is autonomous whereas income is uncertain, so to cope up with...

    All About CAGR!

    Money invested in the stock markets is invested with the hope of return because that is something our capital employed can give us.  Suppose...

    Do you analyze the risk?

    Risk is an inherent part of every business, when it comes to making decisions regarding capital budgeting, they involve cost and benefits for a...

    MARS Model of Individual Behaviour

    The rapidly changing workplace and the work styles require selective techniques and appropriate behavior to sustain in the workplace. When we talk about Organizational...

    Capital Structure Decisions

    We commonly look forward to two sources for raising capital, By employing self-money or Capital and borrowing or debt. A variety of analyses are...

    Management Skills

    Management skills are the behavioral and leadership skills that a person in a position carries with themselves. The theory of management has evolved after...

    Do you conduct Market Research?

    Marketing Research is one of the most important concepts under marketing which inculcate as a linkage function between the society of the customers as...

    Factors influencing Consumer Behaviour!

    Consumer behavior is the study of various organization groups and a segment of society who consume any product, fulfill their need and wants. When...

    Yes Bank Scam

    2004 established, ranked as the sixth private sector bank, and twenty-third in the Indian banking system YES Bank faced numerous fluctuations. Whether they were...

    Covid-19: Boon or Bane?

    The reckoning situation developed by covid-19 resulted in a misbalance in the world economy. This imbalance occurred after many years. On one hand, if...

    How do local monetary policies affect multinational finance and investment decision-making?

    Monetary policy, one of the most important policies in the banking system as well as for the economy. It inculcating variants like Repo rate,...