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    MAC -The story

    Do you have an idea about the cosmetic brand started by a photographer, which turned into the world’s highest-earning makeup brand?
    Well, let us tell you about the brand which put the fans waiting for the products in queues for hours.
    Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo were the two men, who made MAC what it is now. It was their idea and creativity that brought MAC to life. It was 37 years ago, in March 1984, It came into existence. It was founded in Toronto with its headquarters based in New York City after Estée Lauder companies took control of MAC in 1996.
    The wide popularity is due to its huge celebrity endorsement. Lisa Manoban, Black pink’s artist has been announced as the global brand ambassador of it. The brand received its biggest break when Madonna wore MAC’s lipstick. RuPaul, Aaliyah, Selena were the ambassadors who caused great changes to it.
    Studio fix fluid and Ruby woo lipstick are the most popular products by it. Started as a brand only for actors, It later was the brand for everyone irrespective of race, gender, or age.

    MAC has the following mottos:

    1. Individuality
    2. Artistry
    3. Community
    4. Trendsetting
    5. Social responsibility

    It has been selling one of their lipsticks – Viva Glam lipstick and raised $500 million for AIDS/HIV patients. The lipstick consists of three shades and donates 100% for the cause.
    Often the products include parabens and parfums, which have been known to cause cancer and unhealthy for the skin. Almost all the popular brands use these nasties as ingredients. While it has its cons, the money made from cosmetics is huge which increases the economy.
    Thus, the story of MAC had its share of surprises. The global brand is the world’s third-highest in selling its goods. Customers tend to like products because of their long-lasting ability.

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