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    Management Skills

    Management skills are the behavioral and leadership skills that a person in a position carries with themselves. The theory of management has evolved after numerous channels of rolls techniques and theories.  Among the theories of management and roles, Henry Mintzberg gave three management roles interpersonal roles information roles, and decision roles.

    Interpersonal roles include FIGUREHEAD, LEADER, LIASON. Figurehead the person who represents several people or is the leader.  A liaison is a group of people working together. Information roles inculcate monitor, disseminator, and spokesperson. The decisional roles include entrepreneur, Disturbance handler. 

    The next management skill is Katz’s essential management skills. His skills include: –

    • Technical skills– It is the ability to apply specialized knowledge.
    • Human skills– This has a plethora of segments like understanding the personality traits, motivation skills, communication, and vision of people. 
    • Conceptual skills- This is solely the mental ability to analyze.

     Following the way, there was Sir Lutheran who did the study of managerial activities, which includes majorly four types of activities like: –

    • Traditional Management– It includes decision-making, planning, and controlling.
    • Communication Management- This includes exchanging routine information and processing paperwork.
    • Human Resource Management- Motivating, describing, managing conflict, staffing and training is the segment of study that comes under this.
    • Networking- It deals with socializing, politicking and interaction.

    These Are some of the few management skills that were given by intellectuals.  organizational behavior concepts reflect the situation of all conditions contained in the conceptual variable.  To manage an organization these skills and variation of techniques become a priority. 

    Any budding manager or a person of a higher position should read, learn and understand the various management skills so that he/she can apply that into the practical world.

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