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    MARS Model of Individual Behaviour

    The rapidly changing workplace and the work styles require selective techniques and appropriate behavior to sustain in the workplace. When we talk about Organizational behavior there come numerous questions to be answered kike 

    • What is it?
    • What are the common characteristics?
    • What behavior actually demands?
    • What all theories have been found out to deal with the same?

    Well, the organization behavior is majorly made up of numerous factors among which Individual behavior is one such factor. The individual behavior consists of branches like 

    • Drive Behavior
    • Provide opportunities and constraints

    The driving behavior inculcates Motivation and Ability. Motivation is not just the appraisal or the support but it is also an internal force affecting the person’s voluntary choice of behavior. The elements talked about in this are Direction, Intensity, Persistence.  Direction is what is the goal to be achieved by an individual whereas persistence is how long the employee will work with the same dedication and devotion. Ability is the performance level of a person. How employees differ in their skills and abilities and apply that in the enterprise for the betterment of the same. Ability also has two parts intellectual ability and physical ability. 

    The next head “Provide opportunities and constraints “includes situational factors and Role perceptions. Situational factors are the general forces like environmental forces, people, time, financial position, and work facilities. The next Role is a big concept unlike it is not restricted to the status it is a mixture of responsibilities, personality types, humanistic psychology, Attitude, perception, and many more. Under personality types, there are numerous kinds of personalities.

    Someone has rightly said that if employees are happy, the company is happy. This MARS model is very prevalent in today’s scenario of organizations so as to go smoothly in the changing world. 

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