Thursday, May 19, 2022

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    Nesher Ramla Homo – The new early man

    Recent new material has considerably enhanced our knowledge of the origin, distribution, and evolution of early humans and their near relatives. Hershkovitz et al. have discovered evidence of a previously undiscovered archaic Homo population, the “Nesher Ramla Homo,” adding to this trend.

    Neanderthals are said to have originated and flourished on the European continent. Recent morphological and genetic investigations, on the other hand, show that they may have gotten a genetic boost from an unknown non-European population. We describe the new finding of archaic Homo fossils from the Nesher Ramla site in Israel, which we date to 140,000 to 120,000 years ago.

    Over 6,000 stone tools were discovered in the site’s fossil-bearing mud. The Nesher Ramla Homo population developed stone tool-making techniques that had previously only been known to Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. The presence of this tool industry was interpreted by the team lead by Zaidner as evidence of cultural connections between Nesher Ramla and Homo sapiens communities.

    Few interesting facts about Nesher Ramla Homo:

    • Very large teeth and no chin
    • They are believed to be the last survivors of the ancient group
    • They resemble Pre-Neanderthal Groups from Europe
    • Nesher Ramla co-existed with Homo Sapiens

    It is always interesting to about our ancestral existence and evolution.

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