Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Netizens on Petrol hike

    In recent days, we may have seen hashtags like #petroldieselpricehike and #petrol100notout. As the hashtags indicate, the price of gasoline has increased. Fuel prices have been raised in line with rising global oil costs.

    In recent days, the price of fuel in Delhi has surpassed Rs. 100 a liter. Twitter has been used by netizens to express their rage. On Wednesday, Twitter was filled with hashtags. To express their rage, netizens have taken the route of comedy. They replicated the news, and memes and jokes began to circulate shortly after the price increase.

    A Twitter user mocked Narendra Modi’s 2014 election campaign slogan, “ache din aayenge,” by turning it into a caricature of a guy saying, “Kaash Woh bure din he wapas atay.

    On the one hand, the opposition accuses the administration, while on the other, the ruling party accuses the UPA government of failing to pay attention to import tariffs in the energy industry.

    Starting at Rs 90.40 per liter on May 1, fuel in the national capital is currently priced at Rs 98.81 per liter, an increase of Rs 8.41 per liter in the previous 60 days. Diesel prices in Delhi have also increased by Rs 8.45 per liter in the last two months, reaching Rs 89.18 per liter.

    Thus, the increased prices have angered the netizens and people around the country.

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