Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Pegasus: Are we being spied on?

    Pegasus is one of the most beautiful creatures in Greek Mythology, a horse with wings!

    But the Pegasus that we’ll discuss here is definitely not beautiful, on the other hand, it’s frightening.

    Pegasus is the name given to Israeli-based spyware that is now creating headlines worldwide. A recent controversy states that the Indian government has been using the software to spy on citizens!

    The system can be secretly installed on your mobile phone and you wouldn’t even know. The current version of Pegasus is capable of accessing all recent iOS versions. Usually, iPhones tend to resist malware much more effectively compared to Androids but the recent Pegasus spyware proves to be irresistible. The software is capable of reading text messages, tracking calls, collecting passwords, location tracking, and accessing the camera and the microphone of
    the device.

    A few years ago, this malicious software was capable of being installed by clicking links on spam messages and emails. Recently, NSO implemented zero-click attacks via Pegasus, which means that the user has to do nothing for it to be installed.

    However, the good news is that the usage of Pegasus is targeted by the government. It’s sold to governments by NSO to spy on terrorists, criminals, investigators, journalists, and their families and friends.

    With that mentioned, Pegasus is being put to good use and ensuring the safety of citizens.

    However, it can still be hacked and accessed by third parties to attack your mobile phone. If you suspect your device of any malicious activity, all you have to do is reboot it, abstain from clicking on unknown links, and regularly change your passwords.

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