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    Public Speaking: 4 things to keep in mind

    Public Speaking is the art of influencing people through verbal language. Contrary to popular opinion, public speaking is more than just voice modulation and quality. It has much more to it.

    Here are four things to keep in mind the next time when you give Public Speaking:

    Script: The script is the core of the speech-building process. With a good script, delivery becomes a cakewalk. Make sure that the script is impactful and easy to comprehend. Remember a speech is meant to influence the audience!

    Singularity: Although a speech is for the listeners, it’s incomplete without elements that are unique only to the particular speaker. While scripting a narrative, be creative enough to sprinkle an essence of your own which no other speaker can replicate or pull through.

    Delivery: Often, no matter how exquisitely the script is, without the relevant technique of delivery, it can’t live up to its capabilities. Before delivering the speech, practice in front of a mirror and record voice notes to track your pronunciation, pitch, modulation, and emphasis on words. Ensure that your delivery does justice to the script.

    Body Language: Body language involves hand gestures, posture, and stage movements. It is an integral segment of delivery and often the most difficult to master. Practising in front of someone is the most effective way one can improve their body language while speaking.

    Make sure you make a checklist of all the tips listed above before you go on stage.

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