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    Role of an HRBP in an organization

    An HRBP is an HR Business Partner who makes sure that the decided strategies for the employees are being followed. HRBP overlooks the entire employee life cycle starting from hiring to exit.
    The role of the HR business partner is to make sure HR policies and procedures throughout the organization fit the needs, goals, and aims of the organization and its top leadership.
    HRBP determines and steers the objectives of the human resources department of the organization, focusing more on developing strategy rather than implementing policy.

    There is a difference between a HRBP and HR manager:

    They are separate roles and represent two different models of HR activity.
    An HR manager focuses on developing policy and enforcing procedures. S/he is accountable for systems such as processing payroll, recruiting, hiring, system administration, etc. The HR manager oversees the HR department.
    Whereas an HRBP does not have administrative responsibilities over a department. S/he works with the company’s senior leadership team and with department managers to help guide and communicate overall company strategy. It collaborates with the HR department while consulting the executive team on HR issues and initiatives. S/he may have a hand in developing HR initiative and strategy that affects the whole organization.

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