Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Social media behavior that every employee must follow!

    Do you know that people get fired from their jobs for posting inappropriate content on social media?
    The content is called inappropriate because it caused harm to the reputation of the organization.

    Here are some social media guidelines for employees to follow.

    • Always go by Workplace policies.
    • Post content that is not considered harassment to people in the workplace or damage the employer’s reputation.
    • Before you post on social media, always be aware of the privacy settings and know who is your audience. Ignorance of it is not an excuse.
    • Being off duty is no excuse for posting anything. be cautious of what you post for your co-workers, what might be harmless to you can be considered as bullying for others.
    • Do not use personal email to communicate while at work.
    • Do not use employer’s devices or accounts for inappropriate or personal use.
    • Do not take pictures for co-workers and clients without their knowledge and post without permission.
    • Do not reveal confidential data or grievances at the workplace in a social media post.

    Stop and think before you post; if you can’t do something in public, refrain from posting it!

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