Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    The dark side of the Cosmetic Industry

    The Cosmetic industry has been blooming since time immemorial. Make-up is applauded for its empowering nature and providing confidence to many people in the world.

    But there is always a side to success that people don’t get to know about. The dark side of the cosmetic industry is rooted in an essential ingredient used in Make-up, that is, Mica.

    Mica is responsible for the shimmer in eyeshades, lipsticks, nail polishes, and various indispensable cosmetics. 60% of the high-quality mica used worldwide is obtained from India through scrap mining.

    Many multinational companies like L’Oreal and Maybelline source mica from India. Scrap mining is widely carried out by children, belonging to highly unprivileged families. These children spend the whole day gathering mica from unstable mines only to earn a mere amount of 20-30 rupees. These mines have been reported to be extremely dangerous and vulnerable to collapse.

    According to the investigation report of 2016 by the Thomas Reuters Foundation, many children died due to illegal scrap mining, and their deaths were covered up.

    Recently, LUSH cosmetics launched synthetic mica to safeguard underpaid and overworked children in India. This initiative by LUSH sets an example for other cosmetic companies to switch to synthetic mica for their products and end the associated child labor in India for good!

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