Thursday, December 2, 2021

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    The Intersection of Technology and Human Resources

    LinkedIn’s Future of Recruiting Survey in 2020 observed that 81% of talent professionals think that virtual hiring will continue post covid and 70% think that change is here to stay.

    Covid-19 has changed the world and nothing has remained untouched by its impact. It has blurred the line between workspace and home, giving rise to the hybrid working model in organizations across levels, sectors, and the world.
    It has bought a paradigm shift in the way recruiters do the hiring. They have gone through an entire cycle of annual hiring all remotely. As companies started hiring through virtual interviews and assessments, there is an increased need to implement robust technological transformation in the process of talent acquisition.

    This has led to the emergence of intelligent and disruptive hiring technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) in automating and augmenting processes by hiring managers is making the whole process efficient and result-oriented.

    AI provides an access to the data by using the analytical approach in problem-solving that provides recruiters a clear and evaluative picture with respect to the requirements of a job role. Leveraging both psychometrics, data science, and machine learning have led to an integration of HR and technology making the entire process efficient and providing a wholesome and immersive experience for both parties across the complete employment life-cycle.

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