Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    The reason behind the popularity of memes!

    It’s become a daily routine for so many of us to share these really funny pieces of pictures called the “Memes”. But did you know that memes are more just the funny content you share with your friends and family?

    Memes have taken over the online world, with prominent meme pages attracting tens of millions of followers on social media. People all across the world rely on the daily release of dopamine in their brains that comes from laughing at their favorite meme page as if memes were the coffee of 2019. 

    Memes, on the other hand, are much more than a simple source of amusement in everyday life: they serve as a platform for political speech, societal discontent, and business advertising.

    What has caused society to rely on a simple visual display to meet so many “essential” conversation elements? Reduced focus times, as well as a more offense-ridden society, are the answers. Memes satisfy this urge for quick and efficient media: a few lines strewn across an interesting photo. Memes don’t require headphones or a huge screen to observe, making them ideal for the “burnout” generation.

    People love to share something amusing that makes them laugh, and it’s a great way to start a group discussion. This is what funny memes are, and they help to build an audience from the general public, influencing their purchasing decisions.

    In conclusion, Memes are amusing and attract a big audience. Meme pages are addictive because of the innovative ways they poke fun at aspects of life that we can all connect to tiny pet peeves or relationship jokes alike and their popularity will continue to soar as the internet takes over society.

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