Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    The Rise of Fintech- Zerodha Case Study

    Do you know that Zerodha is now valued at a whopping $2 Billion without taking one single dollar in funding?
    In January 2019, the low-cost brokerage house Zerodha emerged as India’s largest broker by many customers. To maintain and sustain its leadership position, the company now needed a strategy as the market is swamped with nearly identical products, They wanted to avoid being confused with similar firms.

    Zerodha followed the Blue ocean strategy wherein they created a different model that provided them access to the new market with no competitors.

    Zerodha’s target audience is people who are unsure of the stock market and their skills to trade. It removes the barrier by implementing Zero brokerage and provides education about finance through their platform, giving courage to new retail customers. While traditional firms go after established players, It targets newcomers, creating a blue ocean.
    The company is not trying to compete with traditional brokerage firms which charge big brokerage to trade stocks in DMAT Account. Their name itself contains “Zero”, which means zero brokerage for equity delivery and very little charge for intraday trading.
    This is because of the strong technology implemented throughout, making it very easy to open and register a DMAT account. The user interface is easy to navigate, and new investors find it easy to track their investments.

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