Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    The Role of a Brand Manager

    Brand managers develop brand strategies, promote the brand, bring growth and expansion by implementing brand plans and using a variety of data to make data-driven decisions. Brand managers are focused on achieving brand business objectives in the short and long term.
    They build brand strategy, brand vision, and value proposition for the short as well as long term. The Plan and execute all communications and media actions on all channels, including online and social media. They assist with product development, pricing, and new product launches by creating and managing promotional collateral to establish and maintain product branding.

    Moreover, using their analytical skills they manage the budget for advertising and promotional items and conduct competitor and customer insights analysis along with analysis of sales forecasts and relevant financials and reporting on product sales.
    Hence, their role focuses on the overall development of the brand by keeping the company’s goals in mind.

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