Thursday, May 19, 2022

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    This is how Domino’s turns your kitchen into a billboard!

    As a brand, Domino’s has a TOMA (Top-of-the-Mind Awareness). TOMA in marketing terms means the first brand that comes to your mind in any category of product or service. Domino’s is the undisputed king of pizza territory.

    Have you ever imagined why Domino’s that charges double the MRP for the beverages gives away extra seasoning free of cost?

    The answer is simple, they follow a unique marketing strategy.

    When you have extra seasoning, you keep them in the fridge or spice basket of your kitchen. We use the same seasonings in other dishes. In this sense, it creates a strong brand recall. With the recall, comes the melted cheese and the hand-tossed crust in our minds and we crave it. Now, if 1 or 2 out of 100 customers repeat their orders, It will create a way more than the actual cost of the seasoning packets.

    This is called recall marketing wherein the more often customers come in contact with the brand, the sooner they will come back for more. Domino’s strategizes on it and is an incontestable brand of the ring.

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