Thursday, May 19, 2022

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    This why Poetry should have a bigger place in Business

    From Robert Frost’s deep ballads to Maya Angelou’s empowering rhymes, poetry never fails to resonate with the human mind. However, nowadays, poetry is a niche market with many people questioning its utility and claiming that it’s a “dying art.”
    But the impact of poetry on the world is highly underestimated nowadays.

    Business leaders today usually wonder what point does writing or reading poetry has which is the reason why it’s not romanticized as it once was. However, many writers consider poetry a changing art rather than a “dying art.”

    Louis Menand, a New York-based writer wrote an excerpt called “Can poetry change your life?”, in which he argued how poetry has and continues to change the perspective people have towards life. With that being said, let us address poetry from a utilitarian point of view.
    A UK-based study conducted concluded that poetry helped successful business leaders cultivate eloquence. Poetry is advanced fiction that requires careful analysis and thinking to be understood and this is what helps people deploy language like a tool. Moreover, an article named in the Harvard Business Review, “The Benefits of Poetry for Professionals” stated, “poetry teaches us to wrestle with and simplify complexity.”
    Poetry is proven to have more effect on people than aesthetic pleasure or language skills. It stimulates imagination, which is paramount in innovation. Due to the highly competitive environment in the business world, the strength of aesthetics remains underdeveloped.

    Imagination is a muscle that needs to be exercised by reading poetry. Conclusively, people with ambition should understand that imagination, not competition, feeds the innovation required for business planning which just proves how misunderstood and underestimated poetry has become.

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