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    Tips on building A Powerful Resume

    Ever wondered why do you face rejection after rejection right after applying for a job?
    When it comes to job hunting, your resume is paramount.
    Believe it or not, it can be your maker or breaker to your dream job.

    Therefore, “Control the narrative about you; what the person sees, when they see and how they feel about it” through your resume.

    Your Resume is a summary of you, it’s like a document that gives you a chance to market yourself. Don’t confuse it with a document containing your achievements and work history as it is much more and beyond.

    • Mention your contact details: Name, email address, contact number, and LinkedIn id.
    • Give a Summary of you.
    • State your objective and customize your resume as per the job role. However, maintain uniformity while formatting it.
    • Reflect on what you offer rather than what you need, highlight your skills and achievements, and learning from your past work experiences.
    • Mention accomplishments and impact created and not just activities done.
    • Back up the claims with evidence by using numbers as it creates credibility in your statements.
    • Do not make the resume very dense, it makes it difficult to read. Always remember good presentation is the key.
    • Follow the chronological order and not the functional order.
    • Stick to not more than two pages.
    • Try to use keywords as they are important because the majority of companies pre-scan applications electronically with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which screen specifically for keywords related to that particular job.
    • Only put relevant stuff, don’t put irrelevant activities like running, swimming, etc.

    That’s all and your powerful resume is ready. Create yours today! Also Know about corporate communication to built the career more powerful.

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