Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Virtual Leadership

    Long before the pandemic, remote work was gaining traction. It has been a smart business choice for both global billion-dollar companies and start-ups. It can save a lot of money and increase productivity.
    Virtual leadership is a new term for many of us as it was not a priority until remote work became more than an option early in 2020.
    There needs to be a right framework for virtual leadership. While many people focus on technology, when discussing remote work or hybrid models, human connection is equally as important. Every business is made of people, their need to collaborate is natural. Technology changes the game here as it taught leaders that collaboration, interaction, and meeting are not just limited to the four walls of a room. The idea that people are at the center is what matters the most for virtual leadership. Virtual leadership requires both technology and human connection.
    Regular mails and messaging work fine in remote work, however, the real presence, the vibe of a person, and the emotions of a person can be gauged through live chatting or using a conference meet setup that creates engagement and fosters an interactive environment where your team can connect and put in their perspectives easily. This reinforces the growth of an organization.
    Hence, the human element, connectivity, investing in uniting people, and technology forms the perfect virtual leadership.

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