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    What does a Product Manager do?

    Earlier becoming a doctor, engineer, or scientist used to be an aspirational career for many people. Today careers like coaching, management consultant, and product management are becoming aspirational due to their type of work, learning experience, salaries, growth, and development.

    Here’s everything on what product managers do:

    Product management is an important organizational function that involves a series of the step of a product’s lifecycle: from development to positioning and pricing, by focusing on the product and its customers.
    The Product Manager (PM) in a company is like the CEO of that product or feature. S/he is the silent hero of innovation.

    A PM is responsible for running the product efficiently, resolve problems, interact with different stakeholders (internal and external), and make decisions about that product that contribute to efficient processes, Problem resolution, change management, and constant development of the product till its retirement.

    A product manager possesses skills that are in line with Data-Driven decision-making, good communication, technical temperament, and problem-solving, strong skills to analyze qualitative as well as quantitative factors. They envision, define, and craft the customer experience. They influence decisions on not only what gets built but also how it gets built.

    For a company to succeed, it needs great products. For great products, it needs great product managers!

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