Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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    What is Blue Eye Technology?

    Did you ever wonder what is the technology used in the eye movement sensor and simple user interest tracker (SUITOR)?

    Well, it’s the blue eye sensor technology.

    The world of science and technology has improved a lot in many fields. The blue eye technology can detect human feelings through a device. The way this works is through eyes or speech recognition. It can also understand our moods and feelings. It can react to a particular command given by the user and extract key information from the user.

    The basic idea behind the technology is to give a computer the human power and feel it lacks. The blue eye technology works on AI (Artificial Intelligence)

    Humans have the capability to understand other’s feelings from their facial expressions or voice. Similarly, blue eye technology aims at giving a machine the ability to understand the feelings and emotions of a human being.

    The Blue eyes technology identifies human emotions by using image processing techniques by extracting the eye portion from the captured image. Later it compares it with the stored images in the database.

    Some of the applications of blue eye technology are:

    • ASIR (Artificial Intelligence Speech Recognition)
    • Eye movement sensor
    • Emotion mouse
    • Biometric sensors

    Blue eye technology has many benefits and a bright scope in the future. It reduces the gap between humans and computers. It is user-friendly and helpful.

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