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    What is Brand Positioning?

    Have you ever wondered how you perceive different brands differently?
    This is because of an interesting concept Brand Positioning.Philip Kotler, the father of marketing has defined brand positioning as “the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market”.

    It describes how the brand positioning is different from its competitors:

    For example: Lux soap positions itself as a beauty soap in the Indian market. However, Dove has positioned itself in a way that all women around the world to feel good about themselves. Dove has not positioned itself as a soap that will help you become beautiful rather as a soap that will help you be beautiful as you have always been.
    Brand positioning strategies are directly linked to consumer loyalty, consumer-based brand equity, and the willingness to purchase the brand.
    Hence, it is a positioning strategy that creates brand associations in customers’ minds to make them perceive the brand in a specific way.

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