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    What is Brand Recall?

    Brand Recall is the instant recollection of the name of a brand by a consumer or a customer when prompted with a product or service.
    It is a qualitative measure of the consumer’s ability to remember the name of a brand.
    Being at the top-of-mind-awareness (TOMA) when a consumer thinks of a product or service is the ultimate aim of every brand. It helps the brand to increase its sales, get influencers for its offering, builds brand equity, and gives a competitive edge to the brand.
    Every bulldozer is a JCB. Every adhesive bandage is BAND-AID. Every soft drink is Pepsi or coke. Every instant noodle is Maggi. Every bottle of mineral water is Bisleri. Every photocopy is Xerox. Every chocolate is Cadbury. Every butter is Amul butter.

    This is how brand names become brand recall common words:

    Brand managers often measure the effectiveness of their marketing and branding strategies using a formula to calculate brand recall.
    Percentage Brand recall (%) = (Survey Respondents who correctly identified or recalled your brand/ Total number of respondents) X 100. It shouldn’t be confused with Brand Recognition as the latter is the ability of consumers to identify or recognize the name of a particular brand among other brands. It is a weaker link to final purchase as compared to Brand recall.

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