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    What is Business Psychology?

    “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace,” said Doug Conant.

    Business Psychology:

    Business Psychology is the study and practice of improving working life. It involves both an understanding of the science of human behavior with experience of the world of work to attain effective performance for both individuals and organizations. It is also called organizational psychology.
    It is an applied science that investigates on to making people and organizations more effective. It also uses social scientific research methods to study people, workplaces, and organizations to better align their needs.
    Practitioners of Business Psychology typically work in advising, diagnosing, designing, delivering, and evaluating business processes and human behavior. It improves the productivity of an organization, builds stronger teams, and helps resolve conflicts in an organization.
    It can be applied to almost any people’s issues at work. However, there are several well-established domains of Business Psychology such as Selection and assessment, Organisational development, Coaching, Leadership Development, Learning and development, Talent management, and Psychometric testing.

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