Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    What is Corporate Communication?

    Corporate communication is all about how companies interact with various stakeholders i.e., customers and potential customers, employees, investors, the media and the general public, government agencies, and third-party regulators.

    There are two types of corporate communications: i.e., Internal and External

    Internal communication is about employees, managers, executives, and board members communicating within the organization.
    Some examples of internal communications are a memo sent from the Communication department on behalf of the top management to all employees, an all-hands meeting between different departments, and a quarterly town hall meet. The way your communication takes place internally is very important because it affects employee engagement and contributes to your company’s corporate culture.
    External communication is the face a company presents to the outside world. It is the brand image of the organization. It’s important to manage this type of corporate communication because it affects your company’s public image.
    Running a successful business is all about effectively communicating with people. Internal corporate communication is the key to building a strong company culture, while external communication shapes your company’s PR image.

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