Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    What is Moment Marketing?

    While attending a post-match press conference, the Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo removed two bottles of Coca-Cola kept in front of him and asked people to drink water.
    After this incident, Coca-Cola lost $4 billion in market value as stock prices dropped 1.6% as they went from being worth $242 billion to $238 billion.
    Fevicol took advantage of the event and tried to promote it through a creative ad. In its ad, Fevicol, which manufactures adhesives, said: Neither the bottles will move nor will the valuation drop, reiterating its promise of unmatched bonding.
    This is a perfect example of moment marketing.

    Moment Marketing:

    It is the ability to take advantage of ongoing events, happenings, and incidences and then creating communications & marketing strategies around it to insert themselves in the ongoing conversations and bring the relevance of their products into the picture.
    Marketers are constantly trying to find new ways and means to connect with their customers and have begun to turn to moment marketing to get their message across with more relevance, creativity, and in a unique manner.

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