Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    What makes Dmart India’s best supermarket?

    Radhakishan Damani’s retail chain offers its customers less and makes more than its rivals!

    Dmart focuses more on offering discounts than on providing customer experience, yet how did they become so massive?

    They followed certain strategies such as pricing advantage, choosing smart locations, and a sustainable strategy of sales, etc.
    Pricing strategy is probably the biggest reason behind their growth; they buy in huge volumes and have a highly controlled operating system that helps them to reduce cost and provide the margin for discounts that they offer to the customers.
    Most Dmarts are located in semi-urban locations that help them to acquire land at a low rate. Also, being away from the city, customers buy in large quantity.

    They also offer regional products to the customers following “Go Local First” reducing the customers visiting the neighborhood retail shop. Whereas many supermarkets go on heavy advertisement and promotion of the brand, Dmart never focused on it, they kept the basics strong by providing quality deals and discount offers. Hence, they create value for the customers.

    Running with what matters the most and staying the course has been a winning strategy for the supermarket chain!

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