Thursday, May 19, 2022

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    You knew how the world would look like even before you were born!

    Yes! That’s what a new study by Yale University suggests.

    Michael Crair, Professor of Neuroscience and professor of ophthalmology and visual science at Yale University, describes that the retina of a foetus exudes waves of continuous activity that connect with the environment outside the uterus.

    This activity disappears soon after birth and is replaced by a more elaborate network of nerves responsible for visual imagery in the brain, where information is further encoded and stored.

    When we are born, we can perceive motion and navigation, at least in the rudimentary form.

    Yale graduate students, Xinxin Ge and Kathy Zhang dived into a deeper study of the wave activity in the neonatal retina. While imaging the brains of mice, It was found that these retinal waves flow in a pattern that resonates with the activity involved in the motion of the animal in a real environment.

    Having mentioned that we can agree that somewhere during our initial lives, we all are capable of seeing the future!

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