Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Your Passion doesn’t necessarily have to define your Work!

    Covid-19 has made many of us reconsider our career paths.
    The pandemic has given many of us time to think, and most of us have realized that we should pursue work that we are passionate about. The question that arises is “How do we go about doing that?”
    While making choices we should consider that while there are upsides to combining your work and your passion, like all choices, it also comes with some trade-offs. If you are interested about journalism, you’ll have to work non-traditionally.
    The bottom line here is that passion is an important factor to consider when choosing work or a job but it should not be the only factor. Instead of thinking “How can I find a job that I’m Interested about?”, we should think “How can my career be a conduit to passion?”
    Re framing our thought process frees you up to honestly weigh the pros and cons of pursuing through work.
    This doesn’t mean you should forget it. While taking a job, ask and think “Will this job gives me the resources: time, money, and energy to pursue my passions?”
    It can define us as individuals, helping to make our lives meaningful. But it doesn’t necessarily have to define our work as it is something that can be pursued through work, but also outside of it!

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